Friday, January 1, 2010


New Year and New blog.

This is going to be my writing journal. My other blog was going to focus on writing, but cooking, decorating, photography and everything else invaded. I like the result, but want a reading and writing only space.

So, what am I writing? Right now, a couple of short stories, and the novel that's going nowhere.

New goals for writing---


2) outline and rough draft of sf short story. Working title HAPPY NEW YEAR (really, this has been the working title all along, LOL) and

3)character/setting descriptions and outline of novel to regain my focus

4) blog each day to keep myself accountable for writing goals

stay tuned......


  1. EXCELLENT GOALS MADAME! YES! I write everyday. Today, I completed a story and put it in miniature book form with hand-done illustrations! I am scanning it then sending it off to my friend...the very person that the story is about! Ruben and I have the same goals as you. I wish you Godspeed and do keep us posted!!! Merci pour vos commentaires! Bisous, Anita

  2. Thank you so much, Madame. Your writing and illustrations are fantastic and such an inspiration.

    Please get your wonderful works published so more people can enjoy your art.

  3. Good for you, Fiona! I signed up as a follower so I can encourage you! :-)



  4. Thanks so much, Sheila. It's baby steps at this point, but I need to take them every day to get anywhere.

  5. Chère Madame,

    I was just showing my husband your blog entry and he spent a good 10 minutes writing a wonderful comment, but his text got gobbled up somehow! He is very interested and anxious to speak to you about your endeavors and to glean some insight into getting published. He has asked me to contact you to see if he would be able to speak to may reach me at YOUR convenience by my email: then we can go further. You are a wonderful influence with clear goals that all of us need to commit to!! Anita