Sunday, January 3, 2010


A little setback yesterday. I re injured the little finger on my right hand. Laundry is a DANGEROUS thing. I caught my little finger on a fulllaundry basket and bent it in a way it shouldn't go. The ring finger and little finger are taped together, making tying difficult.

Sooooo.... yesterday and today I hand wrote out the time line of Jeremy & Anita before they met, and when they met. I placed the beginning of the novel 4 years into their marriage. I worked out more of their back-stories and delved into a few of the secondary characters.

I am going to experiment with POV. I think I will try writing parts from 4 different angles, and see who's voice(s) work the best.

I didn't check word count. I hope with icing the finger and keeping it taped when I'm not typing tomorrow, I can get back to a 500 word writing goal each day.

Tomorrow's goal:
type up the hand-written stuff after typing 500 words of new stuff

Happy January 3rd.

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  1. I'm so sorry you hurt your hand. I hope it is better soon. Jermey and Anita sound intriguing. Best of luck with the story!


    Sheila :-)