Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday/ Succulents, Shelties and Sun Tea

We have, in Minnesota, a limited outdoor growing season. That's an understatement. We have a tiny growing season. Much of the year, I get my gardening fix with my indoor gardens.

I have at least 50 indoor plants at any time. Some of my favorites are my succulents. They remind me of sunny places.

I have them spread out in various rooms to enjoy through out the house.

However, on a day as nice as this one I did some digging in the OUTSIDE gardens--mostly weeding. The dandelions and cockleburs are always a battle, even in very early Spring.

After the gardening, I was able to enjoy the season's first SUN TEA.

The shelties supervised.

Here, is a great post form Betsy on outdoor succulents. Her photos put mine to shame.