Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday/ Succulents, Shelties and Sun Tea

We have, in Minnesota, a limited outdoor growing season. That's an understatement. We have a tiny growing season. Much of the year, I get my gardening fix with my indoor gardens.

I have at least 50 indoor plants at any time. Some of my favorites are my succulents. They remind me of sunny places.

I have them spread out in various rooms to enjoy through out the house.

However, on a day as nice as this one I did some digging in the OUTSIDE gardens--mostly weeding. The dandelions and cockleburs are always a battle, even in very early Spring.

After the gardening, I was able to enjoy the season's first SUN TEA.

The shelties supervised.

Here, is a great post form Betsy on outdoor succulents. Her photos put mine to shame.


  1. Oh Madame...j'adore ces plantes! Oh, dear one, how nice of you to come and hop on in the Bunny Parade...Oh, I remember as well, wearing hats. My parents would buy me a new dress, socks, shoes, handbag, gloves, hat, slip, underwear...and then a basket filled not with chocolate (I am not partial to chocolate..shhhh....) but with JELLYBEANS!!!! It was glorious. Now, I rejoice in the new life our GOD has provided for us. Thank you, Jesus....

  2. Oh, Madame, I remember Easter being the most important day of the year.

    Sunrise service, new clothes, a huge family reunion...

    It's the day I look forward to most every year.

    So much to celebrate and be thankful for.

  3. They'll do anything, even sit still for a picture, for treats.